The Beginning 

iCatered iT began as most great confections do, from scratch, with a few basic ingredients and plenty of hard work. As a woman of faith, in my quiet time I asked the Lord what is my gift and he was answered, it was in my hands. I really did not understand what that meant, but in later years I was soon to find out. Food is something that I enjoy, from cooking to planning and most definitely eating. After losing my job of seven years due to store closure, I had to figure something out quick. A friend of mine asked me to help with an event and since I love cooking, I said yes. I never really had a desire to cook for a living, but after this event the smiles on the guest’s face convinced me that it was more to catering. After this event, I knew this is what I was looking for. It was time to turn my passion for whipping up homemade meals and hosting stylish events into something more, so iCater was born.


iCatered iT is a southern catering company with a gourmet flair located in Mobile, AL. We offers an creative, elegant colorful made from scratch food option. The services we provide is not your typical style of southern food, we take everything to the next level with a touch of class and elegance. Most people make the incorrect assumption that southern food means ordinary and boring. But inside our bustling kitchen our talented team of creators specialize in exceeding our client expectation with our own unique flavor, style and taste from melt in your mouth prime rib to a mouth watering leek and potato chilled soup. Each and every creation we touch is a labor of love, prepared by hand with impeccable attention to detail from our heart to feed your soul. Simply put, iCatered iT put the "WOW" in any wedding reception, corporate event or party!



WANT TO HOST AN EVENT? We'd love to have you!

With our entire team of catering designers you and your party are sure to get the VIP treatment. From weddings to corporate events to birthday parties, iCatered iT has the perfect team to take your ideas and make them into reality. Our expert designers work hard to ensure that everyone leaves feeling like a VIP from start to finish!

Hands-On Cooking Classes and Private Chef


Shani Tinsley

Chef Shani.JPG

Hello, my name is Shani Tinsley Chef and CEO of iCatered iT LLC. Catering started with a simple question, "Lord what is my gift?" The answer I received was "it's in your hands" at the time I did not understand what that meant but years later it became clear. Cooking is not something that I just do but it's my ministry of bringing people together.  With over 25 years of cooking experience I decided to go back to school to sharpen my skills to provide my client’s the best that I had to offer in cuisine and service where I graduated with honors from Escoffier School of Culinary Arts. Our team is committed to preparing every meal from our heart to feed your soul. Exceeding our client’s expectations is not just what we say its what we trained to do.


Special Events

  • Weddings


  • Anniversaries


  • Baby Showers


Celebrate your special event with a beautiful setting design by iCater. Exquisite & creative cuisine and our friendly and highly professional staff will make your special day beautiful & memorable. You can select from a couple of pre-made menus that should please  many different palates or work with us to design your own menu.

Corporate Events

  • Meetings


  • Team Buildings


  • Banquets


Planning an important business meeting with your partners? Impress them with lunch from iCater. We cover everything from business lunches, to custom team building programs and corporate parties. No matter the party size and occasion, our catering designers will plan your event to meet your needs.

Social Events

  • Family Reunions


  • Birthdays


  • Or Just Because


Whether you are celebrating your birthday, having a family reunion or something else, we’ll make it enjoying and memorable. Our designers have years of experience in party planning and will make sure it is a delicious success, for you and your guests! Time to put your party hat on!